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Found 18 results

  1. Good night friends ! Is it possible for SCCM to include HP Blades with ESXi operating system in hardware inventory? Is this type of management possible?
  2. Hello, I have been searching the internet looking for a solution to why my wsus updates are not installing on my clients but can not find one. I have System Center 2012 R2 install on windows server 2012 R2. I have installed and configured my Boundaries as well as the DP, MP, SUP I have created a Software update package for my windows 7 clients I have a gpo that sets the wsus server for SCCM Installed software center on my client machines. (Applications will come through and install without a problem) The weird thing is I had one or two machines that have downloaded and installe
  3. Hey Guys, Having an issue with some windows patching via SCCM 2012, it appears that KB2687455 is showing as 'Not required' on over 500 of my clients and im not sure why. Just curious to know if anyone has seen this before? Image attached below. I have ran a report within SCCM and confirmed we have quite a few clients with versions below 14.0.7 so it is a required update. Thanks Guys! ~Grahame
  4. Hi All, First of all, apologies if this has been answered somewhere already. There is just such a vast amount of information about System Center on here, it's difficult to find something as specific as this I believe. Anyway, I am an Infrastructure Engineer at the moment, tasked with installed SCCM 2016 along with SCOM 2016. The company I'm working for currently (just started with them) have nothing really in place for remote/DC management or monitoring (hence installing SCCM and SCOM). I have worked with SCCM 2012 in the past, implementing it in to a school a couple of year back
  5. Hi, I'm completely new to the SCOM world and i'm having some issue with what to do after i've sucessfully finished the installation. Everything is set and all good to go. At the moment i just want general monitoring of disk space and server availability but how is that achieved. I've already played around with it setting up management packs etc but couldn't get reliably working. Can someone help with just some basic post install tasks? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey Guys, I've lurked around this site a bit and it's a great resource so thanks! I have my own question now though around MBAM that I can't seem to find much on and was hoping maybe someone has experienced something similar. I am trying to use the method documented here as part of a Task Sequence in ConfigMgr - https://technet.microsoft.com/itpro/mdop/mbam-v25/how-to-enable-bitlocker-by-using-mbam-as-part-of-a-windows-deploymentmbam-25 I am using the MS provided Powershell script Invoke-MbamClientDeployment.ps1 -RecoveryServiceEndpoint "https://FQDN/MBAMRecoveryAndHardwareServ
  7. hi I have scom 2012 installed and I installed agent on multiple servers such as sql server 2008 2012 2014 . it was working fine and monitored all servers .bu today I just saw that sql server 2012 monitoring dashboard is all grayed I waited for a while but nothing happens .I Installed agents again on that server .but nothing is showing in dashboard .the agent is showing healthy .and I can see the server computer in my console ,but not in sql 2012 instance summary and database engines. please help me .thanks a millions
  8. Some curious behavior I just noticed, our machines that have had the client pushed to them automatically upon discovery- do not install that client again once re-imaged. Manual push still works on tested machines so that ruled out admin account authentication, IP ranges etc. Someone suggested deleting the old entry from SCCM, and sure enough AD discovery brought the device back again the next day, but still no client. I am 100% sure the solution lies in tuning Heartbeat discovery and the clear flag maintenance task. I have mine set up to run at weekly intervals and the CF task every Saturd
  9. In our last post we installed SCOM and the Agent on several systems. Now we are going to install ACS to audit security events. Install Audit Collection Services Since Audit Collection Services (ACS) is not a part of the main SCOM installation, we have to install it separately. NOTE: In a Production environment, ACS is normally implemented in a segregated space. The reason for this is because ACS is used to audit security and logons. Since the Administrator of SCOM will more than likely be a part of an Operations team, and have access to various Production/Non-Production server
  10. I 've got system center configuration manage installed and Software update point and distrbution point are in the same server . after getting Updates from Microsoft and deploying them I understood that it's coping Updates into Distribution point content library.that's ok.But It is using double disk space . Is there any way to distribute Updates without coping them into Distribution point?and using less disk space? thanx
  11. Hello, We have a Dell 2012R2 server with 16 gig ram Intel Xeon E5620 @2.40Ghz 2.39Ghz running System Center 2012R2 5.0.7958.1000 fully patched. I started having this issue last week. I think it started happening after Patch Tuesday. I'm getting about 60+ of these a day. We have about 940 clients. Any help would be great! * Event Time: 25 Aug 2014 06:44:36 * Source: Application Error * Event Log: Application * Type: Error * Event ID: 1000 * Event User: N/A * Faulting application name: SMSvcHost.exe, version: 3.0
  12. In our environment (Windows 7 32 bit) we use System Center Endpoint Protection. The client is working and gets settings from System Center 2012 R2. Scans are working, updates are working etc. The updates come from the System Center Server. There is an option in Endpoint Protection to manually update the virus and spyware definitions, but when we try this option we get an error (0x8024002e) Unfortunately the message is in dutch, but 'Bijwerken' means 'Updating' and as you can see it doesn't work. We've tracked the issue to Windows Update being disabled on the client. We don't
  13. Hi, i am running into a major issue with my task sequence. i am trying to deploy a capture and OSD. when i make it required it does not automatically run. it used to in the past but all of sudden it stopped. so i would deploy the task sequence make it required and nothing happens. i would also manually run the machine policy. when i make it available and manually run the machine policy it shows up. has anyone encountered this issue?
  14. Hi Gurus , I would like to come up with a design for SCCM 2012 as I think it is a good time to migrate from SCCM 2007. I am planning to do it on Server 2012 and SQL 2012. I have a management forest, and multiple forest’s below this with only a one way trust (the management forest does not trust anything). I currently run SCCM 2007 and have a Central Site with Primary Sites nested below this. Sincethis is not supported in 2012 and the Primary Site with Secondary Sites nested below is not supported across untrusted domains I have hit a snag and want to make sure my design will work. From w
  15. Installing System Center Data Protection Manager on Server 2012
  16. In our last post we installed the Operating System on our VM's. Now, we will install Active Directory. Install Active Directory Domain Services Now that we have the VMs created, and the OS installed on both, we need to first install/setup Active Directory (AD). When you log into a new installation of Server 2012, Server Manager will auto launch. From Server Manager, click on Manage, and choose ‘Add Roles and Features’. On the Add Roles and Features Wizard, read the information on the Before You Begin dialog, and then click Next. On the Installation Type screen, selec
  17. Hello All, Inspired by the awesome SCCM 2012 guides, which were extremely helpful, and based on the numerous posts requesting guides on SCOM, I have decided to contribute to this site and create some. As an FYI on my background, I hold many certifications, and have been working with System Center for several years. Although that may not seem like a lot, I am a firm believer in the number of years don't fully represent the depth of experience. In my example, I worked with the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario, and specialized with SCOM. In fact it is the ONLY thing that I worke
  18. When i try to pxe boot a client, i only get PXE-E53 "No boot filename received" I have tried to reinstall wds/pxe several times.. searched trough a lot of post with similar problems..tried lot of solutions.. but still stuck.. I really dont know where to begin to troubleshoot this.. SMSPXE: reply has no message header marker SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) PXE::DB_LookupDevice failed; 0x80004005 SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) Set enterpirse certificate in transport SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12:36:19 3936 (0x0F60) Set media certificate in transport SMSPXE 27.04.2012 12
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